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An Overview of Java EE and GlassFish

Java Enterprise Edition(Java EE, formerly called J2EEor Java 2 Enterprise
Edition) is a standard set of technologies for server-side Java development. Java
EE technologies include JavaServer Faces(JSF), Enterprise JavaBeans(EJBs), the
Java Messaging Service(JMS), the Java Persistence API(JPA), the Java API for
WebSocket, Contexts and Dependency Injection(CDI), the Java API for XML Web
Services(JAX-WS), the Java API for RESTful Web Services(JAX-RS), and the Java
API for JSON Processing(JSON-P), among others.
Several commercial and open source application servers exist. Java EE application
servers allow developers to develop and deploy Java EE-compliant applications,
GlassFish being one of them. Other open source Java EE application servers include
Red Hat’s WildFly (formerly JBoss), the Apache Software Foundation’s Geronimo,
and ObjectWeb’s JOnAS. Commercial application servers include Oracle’s WebLogic,
IBM’s WebSphere, and the Oracle Application Server.

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GlassFish advantages
With so many options in Java EE application servers, why choose GlassFish? Besides
the obvious advantage of GlassFish being available free of charge, it offers the
following benefits:
• Java EE reference implementation: GlassFish is the Java EE reference
implementation. What this means is that other application servers may
use GlassFish to make sure their product complies with the specification.
GlassFish could theoretically be used to debug other application servers. If
an application deployed under another application server is not behaving
properly, but it does behave properly when deployed under GlassFish,
then more than likely the improper behavior is due to a bug in the other
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• Supports the latest versions of the Java EE specification: Since GlassFish
is the reference Java EE specification, it tends to implement the latest
specifications before any other application server in the market. As a matter
of fact, at the time of writing, GlassFish is the only Java EE application server
in the market that supports the complete Java EE 7 specification.

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