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Active Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT)


Leeds VT enable.jpg


Enabel VT in Windows Control Panel.jpg

3. Cài đặt Intel® HAXM: setup Intel@ HAXM

Android studio 3.0 stuck at “building gradle project info”

Solution :

1). Delete the C:\Users\username.gradle folder

2). Download

3). Create a new project in android studio.

4). When this time it stucks at gradle building, Force close the android studio.

5) Now go to C:\Users\username.gradle\wrapper\dists\gradle-2.2.1-all\c64ydeuardnfqctvr1gm30w53 (the end directory name may be different)

6) Delete and other files from this directory.

7) Paste the new downloaded here.

8) Run the android studio. 🙂

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